Top Food Packaging Trends In 2021

Nearly every industry in the world has suffered or been affected by the impact of COVID 19. Nonetheless, the food packaging industry has risen to new heights during this entire time due to obvious reasons. Consumers now demand more attractive food packaging.

A lot of new trends have started, and they have started dominating markets.

Sustainable packaging

The green movement doesn’t show any signs of stopping, thanks to the widespread awareness of the climate change issue. Consumers, in particular, are now more demanding of product packaging materials to be sustainable. It means that a part of how companies choose to package their products should be based on the green agenda.

Brands have to see what packaging types are appropriate for their products and how to reduce their carbon footprint. It might require you to ask your packaging vendor about the source of packaging materials you purchase from them. You should also ask whether the process of sourcing those materials was sustainable.

Eco-conscious consumers tend to buy from brands that commit to the sustainability cause, and they are more than willing to pay for a premium in this regard.

So, brands can consider using plastic-free and biodegradable packaging materials to attract their consumers. During the process, they have to make sure that their product package is functional and the consumer experience is still intact.

Smart packaging

We are living in an age where people carry smart devices with them the entire time. That makes the intersection of packaging and smart technology inevitable.

With the help of smart packaging, you can allow your customers to interact with the product packaging even after opening it to access the main product. You can benefit from technological elements such as QR codes, social media interaction, and online games to improve consumer experience even further.

The use of smart packaging can be quite appealing to the market, especially in a time when a majority of people are bound to use the computer or mobile screens to interact with others.

You can use smart packaging elements to educate your customers about your product in a much better way.

Personalization in packaging

Personalization of product packaging can help attract your customers in a lot of different ways. You can add personal touches, such as names or messages, to your product packaging to make your consumers feel special. It will establish an authentic connection between your brand and customers.

One of the examples of personalization is the “Share a Coke” campaign by Coca-Cola. It used names on labels to bring its customers on board.

According to a survey, personalization in product packaging can improve sales by up to 15%, which may be quite a lot. That is because the packaging that tends to invoke positive emotions can help you earn a bigger recognition in your industry.

Transparent packaging

Another quite popular food packaging trend involves the use of transparent packaging materials. With consumers becoming more concerned about ingredients and food preparation processes, the demand for the visibility of the main product even through several layers of packaging materials is also increasing. The top benefit of using transparent packaging materials is that it proves you to be an authentic brand.